Intro To Off Grid Solar Power Systems

Your Starter Info Guide To Stand Alone / Off Grid Solar Power Systems


There is a great deal of interest in solar power systems as an alternate source of energy because of environmental and economic considerations. Off grid solar systems are popular because of their economy and simplicity. But the choice of off grid solar energy is based on the size of the plant, location of the system and maintenance considerations.

These systems are also called stand alone solar units because these are not connected to an electrical grid. They stand on their own. Because of the nature of solar energy, it is necessary to store this energy in deep cycle batteries during the day and use them at night time by converting DC power into AC with electronic inverters. The cost of off grid solar systems is comparatively less because there is no need to install the expensive electronic systems needed to synchronize solar electricity to the AC grid. In the absence of availability of grid supply in the vicinity and in small sized installations, these systems are definitely preferred to the regular grid systems.

The main components of off grid solar units are solar panel, batteries and inverter. You can install the system easily as these are available in the form of solar kits containing all these components. The solar panel is the main element that converts the energy of incident solar rays into electric voltage. The efficiency of solar panel is a major factor deciding efficiency of whole system. It is installed in a way to get maximum sunlight throughout the day and over the year. The batteries store the low DC voltage obtained from solar cells. The battery capacity is decided by the output of the solar panel. The inverter converts this stored DC into 240 / 110 Volt AC for running your regular electric system during the night.

The investment on off grid solar system is made attractive by the generous amount of government rebates offered for such systems. Because of this, solar companies such as Divergence Power have flourished in different parts of the country. Investing in solar systems is a smart way to save on ever-increasing energy bills and doing our bit to protect the environment!